#6: Netflix’s “Very Long Wait”

Netflix sucks.  Well, right now it does.  The first 5 movies of my queue are all in the dreaded “very long wait” status.  Thank you golden statue man, you did not help me.  And I had these highly acclaimed movies in my queue before you and before the “Academy” selected or nominated them.  I should get some kind of first dibs on this.  I called shotgun.  Damn you Netflix.

I was enraged bored enough that I called up Netflix.  And what did the guy on the phone tell me? 

Netflix rep: There’s no need to get frustrated.

Me: OK how do you suggest I go about seeing the 5 movies that say “very long wait.”

Netflix rep: Well, uh, just do what I do.  And remember, I’m not speaking as a Netflix employee when I say this.  Put them at the bottom of your queue and you’ll see them in a few months.  That’s what I do.

Me: Wow, thank you for that awesome idea.

Well, now I know why the guy said he wasn’t speaking as a Netflix employee.  Because that was probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard a customer rep tell me.  Put it at the bottom and wait a few months.  Really?  The vending machine at the grocery store has the movie in stock.  And you have 3,203,302,302,583,029,424,590 movies?


2 responses to “#6: Netflix’s “Very Long Wait”

  1. Veding machines at a grocery store is nutz. You know what’s crazier? Not being able to spell the word vinding properly the first time I wrote it in this post

    Ah crap.. I give up.

  2. Chief Slapaho

    What the heck is this all about?

    This post makes the Chief mad!

    Netflix is the Chief’s friend.

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