#4: Celebrity Bus Drivers

I really appreciate bus drivers.  They help me and other broke and carless environmentally friendly people get around.  Some of them, according to a recent advertisement, have logged more than 3 million miles throughout their career.  Since I hop on my morning bus at the route’s starting point, sometimes I find that the bus is idling with no bus driver in sight.  Then the driver shows up and starts walking towards the bus with his gangsta lean.  Sometimes he has a newspaper under his arm, sometimes a pair of aviator shades on even though it’s raining, and other times he’s smoking a black & mild.  But the funny thing is, these “certain bus drivers” are in fact ones that look like celebrities.  Cedric the Entertainer, Ludacris, and Nate Dogg.  I have yet to ask the drivers if they’re related to their seemingly Hollywood counterparts, but I fear that if I do, I might become a forced environmentalist since I will end up walking to my destination.  Thank you Al Gore.


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