#2: People Sneezing On You

It’s true, I have the Rhinovirus.  For a virus that looks like a snowflake, the Rhino has not been good to me lately.  Luckily, 18 Cold-Eeze lozenges, a couple of dozen Tylenols, Vitamic C lozenges, and gallons of water later, I’m feeling much better.

But the problem is I’m going back into the danger zone tomorrow.  I figured out how I got the Rhino, someone that sits next to me has had it for a while, and she knocked out the girl to her right, and then it was my turn.   Thanks.  But honestly, I can’t blame her.  But the person I can blame is the one who sneezed on my head.  I have a big head, true story.  But that doesn’t give anyone the right to think it’s a landing strip for their snot.  Seriously, put the snot where it belongs, not on my hair.  I would have told her if I wanted extra shine on my hair, but I didn’t.  So next time lady, keep your snot to yourself.


One response to “#2: People Sneezing On You

  1. Tru dat my brotha… You speaketh the trueth!!

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