#1: Girls Who Think They’re Hot

You are not hot.  Not even close.  Your rating on “Hot or Not” is probably a 2.3, most probably because some female with bad vision thought you were a guy and gave you a 5.  Seriously.  I have nothing against people who are not ridiculously good looking, but girls who think they’re hot when they’re not is not cool.

The worst kind of girl who thinks she’s hot is the girl who has to announce to those nearby in inappropriate situations that her boyfriend did this or her boyfriend bought that.  Girl stop trippin you got a wild imagination.  We know “my boyfriend” is really code for “my brother” or “my dad” or even “my pimp.”  So say it like it is because I call it like I see it.

When you’re sitting next to this type of girl, she’ll usually cross her legs and point them in the direction away from you so her ass is in your face.  That is uncalled for.


One response to “#1: Girls Who Think They’re Hot

  1. Say it man, just say it… you speaketh, we listeneth… woweth, I gotta stop talking like shiteth…..

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